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Mr. Yu Zheng Shen is visiting HengAn (XiaoGan) Company
Mr. Yu Zheng Shen (Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, also a committeeman of “Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China”) is visiting HengAn (XiaoGan) Company ...
4th-Session “HengAn Cup” Autumn Sports Game opened
On 18 Oct, 4th-Session “HengAn Cup” Autumn Sports Game opened. This game included basketball, tug-of-war, rope skipping, relay race, bicycle and so on. These games were held in Qiao Tou Industrial Area and HengAn Industrial City respectively. This game would last till the end of October.
Talk about entrepreneurship,Xu Lianjie has let the male seller to sell napkin
Talk about entrepreneurship,Xu Lianjie has let themale seller to sell sanitary napkin Many well-known entrepreneurs, have long struggling experience. Xu Lianjie is of no exception. Talking about the the difficulties encountered at the begin...

Media Report

Launch of “HengAn civilized and harmonious community propaganda column”
Share civilization and jointly build up harmonious community In HengAn's 20th Anniversary Ceremony, it donated to build up civilized and harmonious community propaganda column. On 23 April, a rainy day, people far and near gathered ...
Media Report2007-06-08
CEO, Mr. Xu Lian Jie was giving a lecture
On 3 June, in Xiamen University, HengAn's CEO, Mr. Xu Lian Jie, was giving a lecture. This is 5th-session petrol lecture sponsored by Economic Forum of the morning paper. However, this lecture was so successful to surge intelligen...
Media Report2007-06-08
An interview with CNTV:charity is the social responsibility of the enterprise
CCTV.com news: on July 27th -29, the visiting group of "Chinese benevolent city" Media Promotion Union delegation composed of 6 medias by the CCTV.com, xinhuanet.com, ifeng.com, China Yahoo! Public channel, the Central People's broadc...
Media Report2014-04-22

Industry Forefront

Toilet paper can be used to wipe mouth?
Toilet paper can be used to wipe mouth? Since last week CCTV exposed a list of unqualified paper products , Herald reporter found that in Xiamen catering market, there are still a lot of snack shops used toilet paper to substitute...

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