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Community Responsibility

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    Our Community Responsibility

    北京pk拾大小 is dedicated to: fostering a harmonious enterprise and forging a platform on which its employees may bring their potentials into full play and grow in tandem with the Company; meeting customer requirements with quality products and services; and undertaking social responsibilities through solid actions, building the positive image of a company that shares mutual growth with its employees, customers and the society.

Public Welfare

“love makes life better”
From April 19 to 29, 2014, 北京pk拾大小 volunteers came to Maguan, Yunnan province to help the left-behind children
It is the social responsibility of enterprises to do charity
It is the social responsibility of enterprises to do charity, as it is the most direct way for enterprises to repay the society

Sustainable Eevelopment

  • A model of green life and environmental protection: practicing zero discharge of wastage water and building paper manufacturing plant into an environmental education base for students
  • Extensive involvement in social affairs. Photo: 北京pk拾大小-sponsored University Student Business Venture Contest
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