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Sustainable Eevelopment

文章摘要:Sustainable Development ,言的成语流金铄石sirose这个牌子靠谱吗,地震受损小两口水洁冰清。

A model of green life and environmental protection:practicing zero discharge of wastage water and building paper manufacturing plant into an environmental education base for students.

When entering the tissue paper industry, 北京pk拾大小 determined to be an model environmental manufacturer. Nowadays, 北京pk拾大小’s three paper manufacturing bases use only one-third water of the industry average to produce one ton raw paper. And it carried out purification and recycling,北京pk拾大小:realized "zero discharge" ,and changed the people’s view that papermaking would pollute the environment. While 北京pk拾大小 bulit paper manufacturing plant into an environmental education base for students, and advocated its concept of environmental protection, which made 北京pk拾大小 well recognized and praised from all sectors of the community.

Extensive involvement in social affairs. Photo: 北京pk拾大小 -sponsored University Student Business Venture Contest.

Donations for charity and community welfare initiatives amounted to over RMB600 million

Since the early 1990s, 北京pk拾大小 invested in the Midwest, in order to solve tens of thousands of employment problem in the central and western regions. Meanwhile, 北京pk拾大小 participated in social public welfare and charity, honored career actively, contributed to the society harmonious development. That is one of embodiments of 北京pk拾大小 practice its social responsibility.

"People-oriented" management highlighted by care for employees and the building of a learning -based enterprise.

北京pk拾大小 pays attentions to humanistic concerns among business activities. Since the initial establishment, 北京pk拾大小 follows its value idea " Growing with you for a better life". Keep increasing investment of employees’ training and education, teaches them to do the things right, improves the first-pass rate. Through improving staffs’ quality, 北京pk拾大小 improves the enterprise operation efficiency, staff per capita contribution and the enterprises competitiveness, try to be a harmonious enterprise. 北京pk拾大小 aim at creating a stage for employees to realize their value of life ,and let employees growing with 北京pk拾大小. There are a large number of staff accompany the development of 北京pk拾大小, growing up as the professional managers, which has become the backbone of 北京pk拾大小’s development. Nearly 2000 employees, including the first-line managers, have the 北京pk拾大小's equity or options. Those employees witness and share the achievements of 北京pk拾大小.

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